Board of Directors

Topeka Lutheran School is established as a part of the ministry and discipleship of the Lutheran School Association of Topeka(LSAT), comprising of Christ Lutheran Church, St. John’s Lutheran Church, and Faith Lutheran Church. LSAT is owned and operated by the congregations through a Board of Directors, which is responsible for developing the policies and supervising the activities of the school. Each congregation appoints three members from their own body to represent themselves on the Board of Directors for the LSAT, along with a called worker from each congregation.

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Anne Marie Bevel, Chair, Christ

Phil Theimer, Vice CHair, Faith

Christy Sorensen, Scribe, St. JOhn’s

Pastor Jon Bruss, Board Member, St. John’s

Larry Beam, Board Member, St. John’s

Bessie Tolbert, Board Member, Christ

Jennifer Butts, Board Member, Christ

DCE Amanda Adams, Board Member, Christ

DCE Heather Mccormick, Board Member, Faith

Chris Meyer, Board Member, Faith

Ann Shelton, Board Member, Faith

Chris Francik, Executive Director of TLS


Board Meeting Minutes

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