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Chris Francik


Years at TLS: 2014-present

Education: B.S. Education (Concordia University Nebraska); M.A., Education-Curriculum and Instruction (Concordia University Irvine); M.A., Educational Administration (Concordia University Nebraska)

Despite all of his associations of Kansas with tornadoes and The Wizard of Oz, Chris joined the faculty of TLS as the principal in 2014. He found that Kansas has many things to offer beyond flat land and constant wind. The children and families of Topeka Lutheran School along with the three supporting Lutheran congregations provide Chris with endless array of experiences and joys. Chris finds MANY ways to use his 16 years of classroom teaching experience as the principal of TLS.

Chris and his family have experienced much of what our country has to offer. Between Chris, his wife, Sue, and his sons, Ben and Sam, each family member was born in a different state: Iowa, Michigan, California, and Kentucky, respectively. In other words, Chris's family gets around. In Chris's spare time, you'll find him training for a race, catching up on movies and television shows from the past, or hanging out with his family.

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself? Fascinated, laid-back, and steady

If you had a time machine that only worked once what time in history would you visit and why? I'd like to go back and see the birth of Jesus. No matter how many times Hollywood tries to paint a picture, I can only imagine how completely different Mary and Joseph's life was from ours today.

If you were to star in a cartoon (real or fictional) what would the name of the cartoon be? I'd be Fred in the original late 1960's Scooby Doo cartoons. I would lose the ascot, but other than that, Fred's personality is a close match to my own.