CYC Curriculum


Our curriculum is based on five pillars of development


Gaining positive social skills will affect the child's relationships wherever he/she goes among other people. Creating a rich social environment for children will help each child experience constructive and appropriate ways of dealing with his/her feelings of joy, anger, frustration, happiness, and disappointment.


To build emotional development, the child is reassured that he/she is loved by God, his/her parents and teachers and that he/she can trust them. This helps the child develop self-control, a positive self-concept, and helps him/her learn to deal with new situations.


Educational growth is promoted by encouraging children to explore their senses, develop and broaden vocabulary capabilities, and creative abilities. Such learning will serve as a foundation for further development in kindergarten and the elementary grades.


Children build self-confidence from control of their muscles. Therefore, in the area of physical development, activities for developing fine and gross motor skills are provided.


The young child needs help to grow into a truly human person; to acquire new skills for building relationships with other people in God's world. Learning how a child of God acts, forming feelings for a friend, and differentiating between right and wrong are important to the development of a child.


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