Health & Safety 



Registered Nurses serve our school on a part-time basis through USD 501 funding, and through our school funding. They maintain health records for every child, conducts height, weight, hearing, vision checks, and are available for consultation. A cot is provided for those who are temporarily indisposed; however, facilities are not available for children who are sick for longer periods. You will be contacted if your child is ill, and your child must be picked up from school.

If your child is ill with a communicable disease, call the school office as soon as it is confirmed. Children who have been absent due to communicable disease may return if the following conditions have been met: 1. Present a release from the doctor. 2. Fever, rash and other symptoms of the disease have disappeared (symptom-free for a minimum of 24 hours).


  • Any medication that can be administered at home, should be administered at home, unless the physician prescribes otherwise.

  • Prescription medicine must be in the original container, appropriately labeled prescribed by a doctor and must be accompanied by the medication form signed by the parent or legal guardian. Information concerning the amount and frequency of the dosage must accompany the medicine. Because schools do not administer medication, the school personnel will only observe and record that the medication was given.

  • The initial dose must have been previously administered by the parent or legal guardian to the pupil due to the higher incidence of medication reaction.

  • The school nurse shall be informed of all new medications.

  • For nonprescription or "OTC" (over the counter) medications, the medicine should be in the original container. Written request by the parent/guardian on the medication form should accompany all medication. If misuse is observed by school personnel, a doctor's permission may be required.

  • Parents or legal guardians may come to the school to administer the medication if they choose.

  • Controlled medication that is prescribed for other than educational enhancement (i.e. pain medication) may not be observed in the school setting, without specific physician instructions for use during the day.

  • School personnel shall never carry out the administration of injections to students.


TLS has filed a School Health and Wellness Policy as required by the state of Kansas. This policy is available upon request in the school office.



Following are the procedures which will be followed in the event of a tornado or similar warning; 1. All children will be taken to the school basement until the danger is past. 2. If a warning comes near the close of the school day, the children will not be dismissed until the danger passes. 3. If an actual disaster occurs in the Topeka area, children will remain at school until someone (parents, friends, relatives) picks them up.


Announcements of school closing due to inclement weather or other emergencies will be made over the following network TV and radio stations of Topeka: WIBW (CBS) Channel 13, WIBW 580AM & 94 Country FM, KSNT (NBC) Channel 27, News Source 49 (ABC), and KTPK radio 106.9 FM.