James Kirkwood

Administrator/ASSISTANT Director at Center for Young Children-Gage

Years at TLS-CYC: 2019-present

James attended Washburn University as a Music Education Major with an emphasis Vocal Performance. His mother and father, Barb and Bob, are still living, and he has one older brother, Paul. He has been involved with church functions, both as a student and teacher, since he was in high school.

He is also a new dad! He has a baby girl, Emily Rose Kirkwood, who was born on March 27th, 2019.

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?
Smart, funny, and mechanically-inclined

If you had a time machine that only worked once what time in history would you visit and why?
I would like to go back to a time to almost any concert where no one had a cell phone to take photos or record anything. It’s best to live in the moment and record memories in your mind rather that share things the moment they happen.

If you were to star in a cartoon (real or fiction) what would the name of the cartoon be and why?
Although he is not my favorite superhero, I would probably have to be Batman.  With his knowledge and the help of his friends, he can do almost anything he sets his mind to.