Melissa Muse

Administration Assistant & Lunch Room Coordinator

Years at TLS: 2012-present

I started volunteering in the TLS library in 2012. I enjoy reading, so I knew helping children in library was how I wanted to spend my time. Then I took over the lunch program in 2015. I guess you could say I help feed kids imagination with books and their tummies with food.

When I'm not at school. I am a wife and mom to two TLS students. They keep me extremely busy with homework, sports, music, and whatever they are interested in at the time. When I can sneak in some mommy time, I enjoy listening to music, the sounds of nature, and reading.

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself? Funny, nice, hard-worker

If you were to star in a cartoon (real or fictional) what would the name of the cartoon be? Veggie Tales