Middle School Overview


What makes our school amazing?


Since 1874, students have prepared for a life of Christian practice and citizenship in their daily lives while receiving an academically-sound education.

This work continues today. The programs at Topeka Lutheran School are well-balanced to promote each child's academic, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development. Our school offers a rich and varied curriculum based on the guidelines of the State of Kansas and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Our students learn to recognize Jesus Christ as the one and only means by which we are saved. Through daily Bible instruction and weekly chapel services, students develop greater Biblical understanding and are encouraged to use the teachings of Jesus Christ as a guide for daily living.


Daily worship provides the students and staff an opportunity to connect to our Triune God and to meditate on His sovereignty and His sacrificial offering for our salvation. This opportunity is also shared with the TLS family during weekly chapel worship.


Each student experience opportunities to examine their role as God’s child uniquely designed to influence people and to serve others.


Reaching out beyond TLS enables students to view themselves as active participants in spreading the love and kindness of our God.

Christian Instruction

Using the Holy Spirit’s guidance, the staff of TLS instructs each student in Biblical principles of God the Father as our Creator, God the Son as our Savior, and God the Holy Spirit as our Enlightener. We teach these principles at specific times each day as well as model the application of these concepts throughout the day.


Staff at TLS direct and encourage each student to enhance their God-given abilities, gain necessary skills, and learn about the world that God has created.