Rachel Coleman.JPG

Rachel Coleman

Preschool 4A Lead Teacher

Years at TLS-CYC: 2000-present

Rachel has worked with all ages throughout the center over the years.  She also works as an Attendant Care Provider at Family Service and Guidance Center on the weekends.  She has 2 children, Alana (12) and Thomas (5). Both of her children are very involved in sports, so they keep her busy and she also enjoys watching sporting events.  Especially KU and Chiefs! Oh and Yankees.

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?
Creative, busy, loving

If you had a time machine that only worked once what time in history would you visit and why?  
August 28, 1963, I would go back to witness Martin Luther King Jr. speech at the Washington D.C. Civil Rights March. Just reading about it and learning about it isn’t enough it would be amazing to have been there to see what a life changing event!

If you were to star in a cartoon (real or fiction) what would the name of the cartoon be and why?  
Velma from Scooby Doo! She was smart, strong, and a kind person. Family and friends are what matters the most!  She is reliable and everyone can depend on her to be there when they need her.