Topeka Lutheran School Foundation


TLS Foundation Mission and Objectives

Provide financial resources for scholarships, tuition assistance, upgrades to curriculum and technology, capital improvements, and daily operating expenses; Engage in active promotion of the school throughout the community; Develop on-going communication with members of association churches, donors, alumni and friends of TLS and provide opportunity to receive their gifts and bequests. 

TLS Foundation Governance

The governing board of the Foundation consists of members from each church of the Lutheran School Association of Topeka. Marlene Shellenberger serves as the Foundation Director.

TLS Foundation History

The Topeka Lutheran School Foundation, founded in 1971, continues its commitment to the future of TLS through prudent management of its endowment and other funds. The Foundation makes available financial resources for the school for tuition assistance, program upgrades, and day-to-day operating expenses.

Types of Donations

The Foundation allows for various types of donations and also donations of specific types or to specific funds. The donor specifies the use of the gift such as tuition assistance, facility improvement, purchase of instructional equipment, curriculum enrichment, etc. Donations can be one time events, or recurring donations can be set up. Our general funds are as follows:

  • Grant In Aid (Tuition Assistance) 

  • Growing God’s Children for Generations to Come Capital Campaign 

  • Daily Operation Fund 

  • Unrestricted

  • Restricted

Unrestricted Endowment

Gifts of cash, securities or properties with a value of the corpus (principal) of the gift remaining intact and only the interest earnings used for unrestricted purposes.

Restricted Endowment

The value of the corpus (principal) of the gift remains intact and the earnings used for specified purposes.


701 SW Roosevelt St
Topeka, KS 66606

P: 785.357.1468

TLS Foundation Director: Marlene Shellenberger