Mission Statement

Under the Triune God, Topeka Lutheran School strives to nurture families, prepare students academically through Christ-centered education, and integrate faith and life, so students and their families are equipped to share the love of Jesus.

The Lutheran School Association of Topeka

The Lutheran School Association of Topeka currently operate three schools within Topeka: Topeka Lutheran School (K-8), the Center for Young Children (Roosevelt Campus) and the Center for Young Children (Gage Campus).

Topeka Lutheran School (K-8) and the Center for Young Children (Preschool 3 & 4) reside at the 701 SW Roosevelt campus. The other campus of the Center for Young Children (infant-preschool 4s) is located at 1732 SW Gage Boulevard.

The LSAT is currently comprised of three churches: Christ Lutheran Church, Faith Lutheran Church, and St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. Each church provides three lay-members and one called worker to sit on the LSAT Board of Directors. The Executive Director is Principal Chris Francik.

The Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis to hear reports and conduct necessary business. A primary function of the board is to enact policies by which the school can be administered. The day to day business is conducted by the principal who has been given that authority by the board.


The school is fully accredited by the State of Kansas and it complies with the rules and regulations governing the education of students. Teachers at TLS are certified by the State of Kansas.


Authority in our school is based on the Word of God. The Gospel motivates us. The Law will show the Christian his/her shortcomings, give a goal to strive for, and direct us. Obedience developed in Christian Education comes from faith and love in God. Love for one another is a result of the faith and love in God.