TLS Sunday Singing Schedule 


TLS Sundays provide each association church the opportunity to hear TLS students sing and gather in fellowship with the staff, parents, and students. Each association church hosts a TLS Sunday each semester. Students in grades K-8 will sing at 2 designated Sundays. Please remember that a student’s illness, a family member’s baptism, confirmation, wedding, or funeral along with custody matters are the only events that will not affect a student’s music grade. You must notify either Mrs. Grass or Mr. Francik if you will not be able to attend. Participation in TLS Sundays is a portion of each student’s music grade.

The dates for the 2018-2019 school year are listed below:

  • September 30—Faith Lutheran Church—4th – 5th Grades

  • October 21— Christ Lutheran Church— 6th - 8th Grades

  • November 11—St. John’s Lutheran Church—2nd – 3rd Grades

  • February 3 —Faith Lutheran Church—6th – 8th Grades

  • February 24— St. John’s Lutheran Church—Kindergarten – 1st Grades

  • March 31— Christ Lutheran Church— 2nd – 3rd Grades