TLS Success Story – Dalton Savage, Class of 2008

How has your education at Topeka Lutheran School prepared you for your life?

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Topeka Lutheran School did an incredible job of teaching me the importance of balance at a young age. I was able to grow in all aspects of life, whether it was in academics, athletics, or my faith. I was also surrounded by teachers that were not only focused on helping me develop as a student, but also as a young Christian man. The values that were instilled in me at TLS have followed me throughout high school and college and have helped mold me into the person I am today.

What is one thing you would want people to know about Topeka Lutheran School that they might not think about?

The atmosphere at Topeka Lutheran School is one that is unlike any other school. Once you become a Wildcat, you truly are part of a family. Whether it is the faculty, students, or other family members, everyone genuinely cares about one another and wants each other to succeed. One day you may be sitting in class perfecting your algebra skills, when the next day that very same teacher is cheering you on at the TLS basketball tournament. Even eight years after graduating from TLS, I still am very close to some of my classmates and other people I met as a part of the Wildcat family.

How has the teaching and modeling of Jesus' salvation received at Topeka Lutheran School impacted your trust in the Lord?

I was extremely blessed to be taught about the grace and love of Jesus and surrounded by strong Christian men and women at such a young age. Throughout my life after graduation, there were many instances where my faith was shaken. However, it was the foundation I had built through the education I received at TLS that kept me firm in my faith.

Some accomplishments:

Following TLS graduation, I went on to attend Seaman High School. There I participated in basketball and football and was involved in Student Council, National Honor Society, and Future Business Leaders of America. I graduated Summa Cum Laude and first in my class, while also receiving Academic All-State Honorable Mention.

During my senior year of college, I was elected to serve as a senator of the College of Engineering for the Student Governing Association. Along with this role, I was also placed on the University Allocations Committee. Our main responsibilities were to meet with student groups on campus and decide which events and trips we were going to fund based on which would most beneficially impact the students at K-State.

After interning for the last 3 summers, I have recently accepted a full-time offer to become a Structural Engineer in the Transmission and Distribution department of Burns and McDonnell. After graduating from Kansas State University, I will be moving to Kansas City, MO to design structures and foundations for substation equipment.