TLS Couple Share Their Story: Grade School Sweethearts


Names: Ron and Judy (Eisler) Moss

Year(s) graduated: TLS Class of 1959

Wedding date: October 3, 1964 Years married: 54 years

Favorite teacher (s): Dennis Hofts, 6th Grade); Virgil von Soosten, 7th Grade - although all the teachers were good.

Favorite subject(s): (Judy’s) English, Religion; (Ron’s) History, Memory Work

What is your earliest and/or favorite memory together at TLS? Ron picked on me a lot, my mother told me it was because he liked me. I guess she was right. We enjoyed playing dodgeball, riding the bus to basketball games. I enjoyed being a cheerleader and watching him play basketball and baseball. The girls did not play basketball then. We enjoyed eating lunches together also. Also the meals were cooked at school and were very good.

How did the academic and Lutheran education received at TLS impact your lives, both before and after your marriage? The school not only provided us with good education, but a place where we learned respect and caring for others. Best of all we learned to go to God in times of trouble.

How did your time at TLS influence your decision to send your (grand)children to TLS? We really never thought about sending our children anywhere else. Our experiences at TLS were so rewarding we wanted our children and grandchildren to have the same. The close-knit atmosphere is something we wanted them to have as well as a Christian background. We do not want something to happen to TLS in the future.

Do you have any photos from your time at TLS? Photos are eighth grade basketball team and the cheerleaders and little helper from 8th grade.