TLS Success Story - Ellen Wenger, Class of 2012

How has your education at Topeka Lutheran School prepared you for your life?

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Topeka Lutheran School helped me transition from middle school to high school easily. It helped me excel in my academics at Topeka West because it prepared me for the honors classes that I would be taking once I reached high school. As I attended Topeka Lutheran School, it was considered normal for the students to try to go above and beyond in their school work. I believe that if I didn’t go to Topeka Lutheran School, I wouldn’t be the dedicated student that I am today. Not only did I learn a lot academically, I also learned how to prioritize what is important in my life. I learned to not give into peer pressure and not follow the crowd. Most importantly, I learned that above everything else, I should always put God first. Whenever I am feeling stressed about the future, I know that I can trust in what God has in store for me.

What is one thing you would want people to know about Topeka Lutheran School that they might not think about?

The one thing I would want people to know about TLS that they might not think about is that it provides so many different opportunities for its students, such as being involved in the choir, the band, the various athletic teams, Builder’s Club, etc. Because I joined most of these clubs and activities, I found out what I was passionate about at an early age, and it helped me find who my true self was. Personally, I found out that I am very passionate about singing and basketball because of my participation in the clubs and activities that were offered at TLS. I probably never would have been as involved as I was in high school in choir if I didn’t receive the experience of being in choir throughout my years at TLS. These different clubs and teams also gave me more opportunities than I would have had if I went to a public school. Because I went to TLS, I got to experience a wide variety of sports, such as volleyball, basketball, and track. 3.

How has the teaching and modeling of Jesus’ salvation received at Topeka Lutheran School impacted your trust in the Lord?

The teaching and modeling of Jesus’ salvation that I observed while I attended TLS shaped who I am today. Throughout the many religion classes, the prayers, and the chapel services that were taught and said, I came to realize that Jesus was the most important aspect of my life. I learned that everything I do is for Jesus’ glory and the teachings I learned at TLS helped shape how I treat others. I learned that whenever I may feel alone, God is always with me and that I can always confide in Him through prayer. Everything that I learned at TLS showed me that God is always faithful and just. It helped show me that I have so many blessings, and all of these blessings come from God. Above all, everything that I learned at TLS reinforced that Jesus sacrificed Himself for me, even though I’m not deserving of His sacrifice. Because of this, I will continue to live for Him because of what He has done for me

Please list some accomplishments that you have achieved since leaving TLS.

Topeka West High School: i. Sunflower Girls State Delegate. ii. Outstanding Student of Math and Science. iii. Salutatorian. iv. Topeka West Singers. v. Most Helpful Student in Concert Choir. vi. National Honor Society. vii. Martin Luther King, Jr., Living the Dream Scholar. viii. NAACP Scholar. ix. Kansas Governor’s Scholar.

Washburn University: i. First Year Experience Scholar. ii. Presidential Scholar (4.0 GPA). iii. Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Program.