Volunteer Opportunities

Topeka Lutheran thrives because of our volunteers! Take look at some of the possible volunteer opportunities and sign up below. Thank you!

  • Math Mentor—help students review math facts/skills or assist with daily work

  • Reading/Writing Mentor—listen to students read and help them with their spelling and writing.

  • Art Helper—volunteer to aid during art lessons or prep art projects before the lesson

  • Art Teacher—volunteer to teach art

  • Teacher Helper—volunteer to make copies, prepare art projects, display student work on hallway, make bulletin boards

  • Athletics Volunteer (click for more info)

  • Lunch Helper—volunteer to monitor a class during lunch at least once a week

  • Technology Helper—help students login to computer and monitor class

  • Library Helper—checking out book, checking in books, re-shelving books, preparing books to be added to the library

  • Speaker—Do you have a specific skill or interest that you’d like to share with students?

  • Create/Host a Club—conduct enrichment activities for the students staying in after school care.

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